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Ad Ruby

L'Associe "The Christmas card 2020 deserves"

Ad Ruby

We all know what 2020 was, no need for a long speech about how it affected us as individuals, companies and societies. It was without doubt a terrible year. 

To that end, L’Associé decided to give 2020 the Christmas card it deserved: a terrible 90’s era karaoke video, in which we see the agency’s founder wandering the streets of a grey and empty Paris, dressed in an equally grim 90’s suit. 

The video was entirely shot on DV cam and no stone was left unturned to locate the perfect Christmas song - in the depths of a stock music library. 

Let’s hope that 2021 deserves a better Christmas video than this one. 

We're sure it will! 

L'Associe "The Christmas card 2020 deserves"